Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ya'll see these aggravating li'l .............*&@#$S?
I'm so ready for cooler weather, and not just because I hate to sweat.
I'm so sick of the GNATS. They are everywhere. You go outside, open your mouth to speak and man, you've swallowed one. Or one of the little aggravaters flies right into your eye, and that burns like heck.
The other reason I really, really hate gnats, is because when they are waiting around outside to attack the unsuspecting person, they are hanging around a certain unmentionable part of the anatomy of a dog for the most part. That's why we call 'em dog peter gnats. And that makes me throw up in my mouth a little every time I swallow one or one flies into my eye or when they are swarming my head.
Please, let the cooler weather come on.


Oklahoma Granny said...

Only one comment from me - EEEWWWWW!!!!

Kerri said...

LOL! Eewww is right! This year for us it was big arse mutant mosquitos. They sounded like bumblebees. Hideous!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!