Monday, May 31, 2010

To all those who have served and given the ultimate sacrifice for my freedom; I say, I may not have known you, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving up your tomorrows so that I can be free today. God bless you, your families and the United States of America.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I need some serious help friends.
I am having a super, hard time letting go.
My oldest boy is 14. He wants to go on a
trip with his friend to a theme park. I'm not
I have a hard time letting my kids go off with
other families. I have a super hard time letting them
sleep over at someone's house.
I'm just paranoid. I'm scared for them. I imagine all
kinds of weird things that "Could" be happening.
Help me. Give me some words of wisdom.
Tell me I'm not alone.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

WOWZER. This week's question is a doozie.
The question is what bad habit of yours would you most like to break?
I have sooooo many bad habits, I hardly know where to begin.
Forgetting to floss
Forgetting to take meds on time
Nagging about the small stuff
Freaking out over silly stuff
I think that the habit I would most like to break would be not having a big ole guffawing laugh. I bray out like a mule when something strikes me as funny. It's loud and unladylike. I've done it my whole life. Maybe a nice sexy, attractive laugh could take it's place. Just sayin'.
If you wanna join the fun, hop on over and link to Shannon's blog.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Monday!!!!
It's gonna be a great day.
This is the last Monday of the 2009-2010 school year. Next Monday is an official holiday, so there will be no school then.
As the school year winds down, I find it harder and harder to get my kids to get out of bed in the mornings. Anyone else having this problem?
As you all may guess, I sometimes am very tired myself in the morning. Having stayed up till the wee hours getting my fix of computer time. However, I still get up each morning and try to get everyone dressed in the right clothes and fed, if they want to eat, lunches made and take them to school.
This morning on the way to take my elementary age child to school, I sang out, "It's gonna be a great day!" Not that I have anything special planned or anything, but it just came out.
My little one looked at me with sleep in her eyes and said, "Mama!" "Yes, lovely", I said. "Please stop singing that." "But it is gonna be a great day, I'm sure of it." "Yes, but I'm tired, so please stop that singing."
Oh well, that's what I get for waking up in a good mood. LOL.
Y'all have a blessed week!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hello everyone. Sorry I have been absent this past week. I have been super busy for some reason. You would think with school winding down, it would get a more relaxed atmosphere, NOT!!!

Anyway, today is Table Topic Tuesday, If you want to join in on the conversation, hop on over to Shannon's and link up. I am particularly interested in everyone's answer for today's question, which is:

Is it harder for you to speak kindly or honestly?

Unfortunately, for me, it is not hard at all to speak honestly. I open my mouth and things just come flying out, even if I don't want them to sometimes. I try to remember how I would feel if things were just blurted out. And to be honest, I have gotten a lot better, but I am no where near what I'd like to be.

How about you?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!! Table Topics Tuesday is back this week and it is a question that plagues the mind of all parents each year (or at least it plagues my mind). Cause there is just so many places and things that I want to go do and want my kids to see, but our budget sucks.
So today's TTT question is this:
where would you like to go on vacation this year?
I would love, love, love to go to the Grand Canyon. But, like I said, our budget will not support that kind of trip. Plus, it would be a real pain in the wazoo for my hubby to get that many days off work at one time. We could fly, but I won't get on an airplane. So that method of travel is out. So, we would like to drive across country visiting other wonderful places along the way. Then stay a couple days at the canyon and drive back home. I think it would be a great trip and one day, we will have bills paid down to the point that budget won't be the issue. I hope it's in a year or two before my arthritis makes it impossible for me to do that kind of travelling easily.
So, where do you wanna go? Hop on over to Shannon's and link up your post. Hope you all have a great week.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Good Monday morning all... here's hoping that your Mother's Day this year was a grand one.
There were no flowers, no cards, no candy, no jewelry here this year. Not one card.....
apparently, my entire family forgot it was Mother's Day. Special, no?
Instead, we spent the day with my MIL and SIL and her family and a wonderful friend who is like a grammy to my little girl. We went out on a lake and they all had a chance to get towed around behind on something called a Big Bertha. It was a beautiful day. Full of sunshine and a good breeze that kept us from sweating. The temps were in the high 70s lower 80s and it was fun to watch the smiles that my children got to wear. Enjoy the pic.

Friday, May 7, 2010

What a beauty.....

Yesterday morning, hubby called me on the house phone. He was whispering. Yeah, hot, right? Not, he was wanting me to bring him the camera "stealthily" so he could take pictures of this
big, beautiful bird that was having his way with a stump in my front yard.
God is just really amazing when you get right down to it, isn't He?
I hope you all have a wonderful Friday evening.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope that your weekends were fabulous and that your Monday was not too terribly bad.

Myself, well, I can't really complain. My antibiotic has worked and I'm fine as frog hair split five ways.

I usually do Table Top Tuesdays with Shannon at the Nuthouse blog, but this week, she is not able to participate due to circumstances. So, I'm just gonna tell you about my trip to the vet's office yesterday.

Yes, you heard me, the veterinarian's office. I took our little kitty cat, Sydney to have her a checkup and find out exactly how old she is and what kind of shots,etc. we needed to get her started on.

Okay, several things about this visit bothered me.

1. I suck as a judge of animals. Sydney is now named A.J. because it is a BOY!!!!

( I just looked, I didn't go digging around in the hair) Ha ha ha , now that's funny right there.

2. She, sorry, still trying to get used to calling her a him. Had to have a blood test for some kind of leukemia. And tested for feline aids, and fecal samples taken and just a bunch of stuff that I barely want to know. Just give him some shots for rabies and vaccinations for all that crap and let me out of there.

3. Um, am I the only person who is paying for your childs' college education. Crap, 264 dollars later, I am on my way home. Are you kidding me? Wow. I was totally unprepared for that kind of money to be going into a little noise box called AJ.

Oh well, the kids are loving him and he's pretty amusing to me too. So, we'll just keep on keeping on and playing with the cat.

Ya'll have a good week now, you hear.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

This is not a post for the faint of heart.....

I absolutely despise the horrid pain and burning and back pain
that accompanies a urinary tract infection. Not only is is painful,
but I really loathe feeling like I have to pee every five seconds.
It messed up my day with my family yesterday. We took my MIL's boat
to my home town and my parents and aunt and her husband and my brother
and SIL and my beautiful great niece all got on the boat and proceeded on a
small ride across the river to a wonderful restaurant to have lunch together.
I haven't been home in a long time. So I was kind of aggravated that I was
feeling so poorly. I wound up missing the ride back because I had my dad
take me to a Doc in the Box cause I couldn't stand it anymore.
This doctor, actually a physician's assistant, concurred that it was a UTI
and proceeded to write me a scrip for Cipro. Which is an antibiotic. He also
wrote me a scrip for something called Peridium. I have never heard of this
medication before. But, it has been about five years since my last UTI.
It is a urinary tract analgesic. You ever heard of that before? Let me tell
you, he is my new best friend. Not to have to suffer the pain and burning
and the awful back pain is just a Godsend. So, next time, if you doc doesn't
mention it, ask for it. It so works.!!