Sunday, May 2, 2010

This is not a post for the faint of heart.....

I absolutely despise the horrid pain and burning and back pain
that accompanies a urinary tract infection. Not only is is painful,
but I really loathe feeling like I have to pee every five seconds.
It messed up my day with my family yesterday. We took my MIL's boat
to my home town and my parents and aunt and her husband and my brother
and SIL and my beautiful great niece all got on the boat and proceeded on a
small ride across the river to a wonderful restaurant to have lunch together.
I haven't been home in a long time. So I was kind of aggravated that I was
feeling so poorly. I wound up missing the ride back because I had my dad
take me to a Doc in the Box cause I couldn't stand it anymore.
This doctor, actually a physician's assistant, concurred that it was a UTI
and proceeded to write me a scrip for Cipro. Which is an antibiotic. He also
wrote me a scrip for something called Peridium. I have never heard of this
medication before. But, it has been about five years since my last UTI.
It is a urinary tract analgesic. You ever heard of that before? Let me tell
you, he is my new best friend. Not to have to suffer the pain and burning
and the awful back pain is just a Godsend. So, next time, if you doc doesn't
mention it, ask for it. It so works.!!


Heather said...

So, is your pee orange yet?

The power of pyridium...amazing!

Hope you're all better!

Melissa said...

i hate UTI's!!! not that I think anyone loves them, but they are miserable. Glad the meds are doing the trick!