Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope that your weekends were fabulous and that your Monday was not too terribly bad.

Myself, well, I can't really complain. My antibiotic has worked and I'm fine as frog hair split five ways.

I usually do Table Top Tuesdays with Shannon at the Nuthouse blog, but this week, she is not able to participate due to circumstances. So, I'm just gonna tell you about my trip to the vet's office yesterday.

Yes, you heard me, the veterinarian's office. I took our little kitty cat, Sydney to have her a checkup and find out exactly how old she is and what kind of shots,etc. we needed to get her started on.

Okay, several things about this visit bothered me.

1. I suck as a judge of animals. Sydney is now named A.J. because it is a BOY!!!!

( I just looked, I didn't go digging around in the hair) Ha ha ha , now that's funny right there.

2. She, sorry, still trying to get used to calling her a him. Had to have a blood test for some kind of leukemia. And tested for feline aids, and fecal samples taken and just a bunch of stuff that I barely want to know. Just give him some shots for rabies and vaccinations for all that crap and let me out of there.

3. Um, am I the only person who is paying for your childs' college education. Crap, 264 dollars later, I am on my way home. Are you kidding me? Wow. I was totally unprepared for that kind of money to be going into a little noise box called AJ.

Oh well, the kids are loving him and he's pretty amusing to me too. So, we'll just keep on keeping on and playing with the cat.

Ya'll have a good week now, you hear.


Oklahoma Granny said...

Back in the day one of my daughter's boyfriends gave her a kitten for Valentines Day. He SWORE it was a female. When we took the little bugger to have 'her' spayed, boy were we red-faced. Our vet just laughed and laughed and laughed. So I totally understand!

Shannon said...

Sorry about TTT. I just had a really craptastic day Monday, and didn't have a chance to get the topic posted.

Same issue happened with my 1st cat. My parents let me get a kitten for my 5th birthday... on the condition it was a FEMALE cat. A friend's cat just had a litter, we went to pick one out... they swore it was a girl. I named her Mitzi. Turned out she was a he... so we just called him Mitz!

Brandy said...

All vet visits are expensive. Trust me I have to listen to Stevie bitch about it every time the dog has to go.

Ronnica said...

Yeah, never been a pet person...glad you got AJ-formerly-known-as-Sydney taken care of!