Thursday, February 25, 2010


Recently, I have been staying up quite late (because I love me some Olympics). And more and more I see ads for Colon Cleansing products (I am not promoting or demoting, this pic is just one of the bajillion out there on the net).

What is the deal? Is this really beneficial to your body? Or is this just a laxative with super powers? I must have seen twenty ads for colon cleansing products in one night. Is this the new diet? They claim that it will restore your digestion and make you lose weight. Okay, on the Dr. Oz show, he says if you poop once a day, you're doing pretty good. And as for a weight loss, isn't it kind of dangerous to use any form of laxative (if this is what it is).

So weigh in ladies, let me know what you think. I will not make fun of any answers, I am just trying to get some real information here.

Thanks. Have a great day!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Wedding and a funeral......

Good Monday morning all you bloggy friends.

I am glad that a new week is starting. Last week was a rough one for us. I have run the gamut of emotions last week.

Proud of my DH and middle son and daughter for going on mission with our church.

Happy and nostalgic as my only neice got married (it was a redneck venue. Yes, that is a camo wedding gown). She was as beautiful as I have ever seen her. Not such a little girl anymore and it made me happy to see the love she and her husband obviously have for each other.

Then extremely sad the very next day. Had to attend a funeral of one of my cousins-in-law. She was married to one of my cousins and her death was so unexpected.

As you can imagine, this emotional roller coaster has left me exhausted.

As you begin your week, please send up a prayer for comfort for my cousin in the loss of his dear wife. And a prayer for my neice and her husband as they begin their married life together.

Thanks bloggy buddies, I hope you all have a blessed week.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Bits of Randomness
First, I hope that all of you have a great weekend. It seems to me (after having jumped around bloggyland all day today) that all of us could use a good couple of days. I wish you all sunshine and blue skies. I think that all of us, from sunny Florida to the snowy northern states are just about at our collective limits with this freaky weather. Nuff said.
Now, on to other less pleasant issues. For the love of all that is asphalt, if you are going to drive in the fast lane of the interstate, please drive FAST. This past Tuesday, I got behind people doing the actual speed limit IN THE FAST LANE. And they are just as oblivious to the people in the twelve cars stacked up behind them as they can be. It's like the three cars side by side in the three lanes got together to see who could drive the slowest. YIKES!!!! Just get over to the middle lane, it will be alright.
To the lady who delivers my mail. I realize that you've only been working at the post office for TWO HUNDRED YEARS, but my dearest, sweet mail delivery person, would it kill you to put the mail toward the back when it's raining? I mean, I love wet paper as much as the next person, but PLEASE, help me out here, huh?
To the teenager working the cash register at the grocery store (you know who you are), please honey, please, please, oh please, stop popping that chewing gum before I'm forced to go all Madea on you. I don't wanna go to jail. Please have a little pride in yourself and your work, just sayin.
Whoo. I feel all better now. Thanks for listening. Do you know what I mean?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Shannon over at Shannon's Nuthouse posed this question:
What do you love?
Okay, so here we go

I love....

Ranch Dressing ( on just about everything, it ain't just for salad anymore)
80's music
Sierra Mist with a Cranberry Splash
Chris' blue eyes
Carl's laugh
Abby's giggle
Peanut M & Ms
Cold Weather
A good book
Time to read that book
Popcorn with lots o butter
Cheetos crunchy
purple stuff
my family
baby cows
baby dogs
baby cats

These are a few of my loves...what about yours?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Love is in the air......everytime you look around......
Look what I got in the mail. I participated in a Valentine Swap and mine came in the mail. Just look at the beautiful goodies.
Two sparkly heart plates, some heart candles, a heart belt, a beautiful sequined heart decoration and an "X" and "O" necklace charm. All these lovely gifts came from Gay.
She has a little place called A Lil This and That A Hodge Podge Boutique. Please drop in on her and see her cool stuff.
THANK YOU GAY. My heart danced for hours when I opened this box full of love and goodies from you to me.
I love them all.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Can someone please tell me when I began living on planet Bizarr-o?

Twice a week, I have to go into the "big" city to take my middle child to tutoring.
Because it is so far away, I have two hours with time to kill. Most days I go to the library (my favorite place). But NO! Not today. today I had to go to Wally World.
In the hour that I have spent reading blogs on my wireless, there must have been two hundred people come and go. It never stops. How can they possibly have enough stuf for all these people to buy.
I have seen the 'net od the people of Wal-mart. I believed that most of these pics had to be staged. Well, after today, I no longer believe that. And you can bet your sweet bippy that next time I come, I'm bringing my camera.