Monday, March 5, 2012

Hi, it has been a l.o.n.g. time since I last blogged.
In my last post, I was asking for prayer from my blog buddies because I had a job interview. I really wanted to have that job. I went and bought a new outfit for the interview. I was so anxious for the interview that I showed up a whole 24 hours too early. YIKES!!!!
The next day, I was on my way to the interview and the butterflies were beginning to flutter ferociously. Then I heard God talking to me and they calmed down. I prayed the prayer that never fails, "Your will be done Lord". I felt a calm come over me and I wasn't worried anymore.
I went through the interview. Thought I did a great job. Had the correct answers to the questions that were asked of me. I knew everyone on the interview panel. I knew 1 of them well, the other 4 I was acquainted with, but they had not been on the receiving end of any of my volunteer work.
I felt confident. I came home and relaxed with my family and didn't worry about it anymore. After a couple days, I began to worry, but I heard God telling me to calm down. He had it.
Three days after my interview, I received a letter in the mail that I had done a great job in the interview and that the entire panel was impressed with my answers, BUT, they had chosen an employee that was already in the school system. I won't lie and say I wasn't disappointed, but I was not devastated. I felt that if God had wanted me in that position, He would have made a way. And that He must have something else He wanted me to be doing. So, I praised Him for His love and went on about my business. (I was a little ticked off at the money I had spent for the new outfit, but I could wear it to church).
At Church on Sunday, everyone was so curious as to whether or not I had gotten the job and they were disappointed for me when I told them I hadn't gotten it.
Two days later, on Tuesday, I got a call from the Assistant Principal of the school. He asked me if I could come in and talk to him for a bit. I said sure. I figured he was gonna tell me why they didn't hire me. When I got there, he asked me how I was doing and I told him I was great. Then he offered me the job I wanted. NO KIDDING!!!!! The person they were gonna hire changed her mind and went to work somewhere else in the system.
Pure and simple, this was my Lord's way of putting me right where He wanted me.
Praise, praise, praise!!!!
Thanks so much to each of you who prayed. It WORKED!!!!