Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I love me some M a n d i s a.......i just watched her new video, "He is with you" over on
Hurry on over and listen to her then come back and tell me what you think.

She'll bless your heart. Oh girl, yes she will.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The scrabble tiles were given away to Lisa Human at Human Touch Designs.

On to other things, like an afternoon snack and whether to use mustard or not!!

Let me preface this by saying that I know that there are more important things going on in the world right now, like the swine flu thing, and the presidential jet flying over New York, and the economy, but right now, I want to laugh.

When I got home from the school this afternoon, I wanted a snack. AND since I'm supposedly on this healthier eating kick and wanting to make better food choices, I had to forego the Worlds Finest Chocolate and almond bar in favor of six crackers and a slice of cheese folded in sixths.
Now, I plopped 2/6 pieces of cheese between two crackers and spurted it with Mustard. It was simply delicious (or maybe I was just starving) I can't really tell as I only had a yogurt and apple and cheese stick for lunch. Anyway, I made the second cracker set just exactly like the first and it was fantastic. So, I decided to be adventurous, to go where no one has dared to go before...... I at the itself (gasp)...I know..stepped out on a limb there, didn't I? Of course the cheese was wonderful. So what to do with the last two crackers. Plain? Go get more cheese? No, I decided to eat them with just mustard. LOL. Do not eat crackers with plain mustard. It must have the marriage of the flavor of the cheese and the mustard to qualify as a good taste.

So, what's your favorite afternoon snack and do you mustard? Or not?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm having a clearance item giveaway......

One item only and I hope it goes fast....

I have a bag of 93 regular Scrabble tiles. The kind that some people who have etsy shops use to make jewelry tiles. An additional 2 tiles are blank and an additional 2 tiles have been marked on with magic marker.

This makes a total of 95 scrabble tiles. Now, if you know someone who has an etsy shop and wants these tiles and might be willing to barter me a finished necklace tile for the whole bag of them, hurry on over and tell them about my bag of tiles.

This will be a first come, first served basis. (I hope I get a necklace tile). So run, hurry, rush, spread the word. Help a SITSta out.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister in law, Southern Rose
June is only one month and a few days away. I'll be putting a little
something, something in the mail for your tomorrow. If I had
been a better planner, I could have just given it to you while you
were here. But, that's me, better late than never.
Other ramblings..... my daughter participated in her field day at school today. Unfortunately for all of the kids and their poor ole parents, it was the hottest day so far this year. Now, if we were in Alaska, that would probably not be an issue, but since we are in Florida, it can get quite hot.
I really cannot be in the sunlight for extended periods of time because of meds I take, but I took my umbrella and sat quite happily in the stands yelling and hollering for all the little ones I knew in the first grade. There was one man who gave me a dirty look, but I say, "Lighten up". Our kids need to know that we are there for them. Win or lose. We are cheering them on from the sidelines and that we are representing their fan club. How else will they learn good sportsmanship? Oh well, enough there.
Having a great week, Hope everyone else is as well.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I Got a Hair Cut .....

Well, slightly more than one hair cut. As you all know, I was so excited back in December to have a spiral perm put in my hair.

And I was pretty excited about it. I mean, my hair had been straight for a long time. And the color was pretty exciting to me as well, because the gray hair was being hidden under a clever disguise of brownish with reddish highlights. Okay, not the blond tow head of my youth, but still a good color for me.

Okay, now fast forward a couple of months later (four to be exact). After four months of pulling it back and getting it O F F my ears. (Did I fail to mention that I cannot STAND to have my hair on my ears. I know, it's a freaky quirk, but I have come to accept myself for what I am).

I could not take it anymore. My hair was getting dried out, even though I used a good conditioner on it. The split ends were running rampant, and quite frankly, it's getting hot up in here in Florida and I just wanted something different that didn't make me look like I was 60 years old.

So, I grabbed the bull by the horns and had my hair cut. And then I talked my SIL into coloring it (I had to promise not to get mad if it came out pink). And the result is one wonderful haircut that is so amazingly simple to care for and to style. And it is not on my EARS.

Please excuse the photography, I am by myself right now and this was the best I could do.
I hope that you all like my new "do".
While I was spending an afternoon of leisure, I decided to have my feet "did" too.
This was my first ever french tip pedicure. I usually go for the dark reds and purple polishes, but in the spirit of spring and funky flip flop weather, I decided to lighten up a bit. And the nail lady even painted a "flower" on each big toe. I'm so fashionable now I don't even know if I can stand myself.
Hope you guys have a great week and remember......
Be kinder than necessary, everyone you meet is fighting a battle.
Be Blessed.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Check it out.............................Mammarazi is having a Favorite Things Swap.....
YEAH!!!! I did a Secret Santa at Christmas and had a blast. So, this is my first SWAP.

I'm so excited. I can hardly wait. You should hurry on over to Mammarazi's place and join. Hurry now, cause if you aren't before 100, you are shut out.

So, I'm off. Toodles.....hope you join in too.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Random chattering.......

Today, I cleaned my master bathroom. You know, sometimes I think I'd rather be stuck with a branding iron that to get down and clean that little area on the side of the toilet. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? Yeah, any other side of the toilet haters out there?
I cleaned the lime scale off the shower doors. (I'm not sure why I do this. Because if you leave it, it just looks like frosted glass. Without it, woohoo, your behind is open for the world to see). When I came to from the fumes knocking me out, I was pretty pleased that my behind would be out there for anyone to see if they accidentally open the bathroom door while I'm in the shower.
(Personally, if they are so inconsiderate as to open the bathroom door while I'm showering, they deserve to see what they see). LOL.
I cleaned out my makeup drawer. I think I found some CG and Jane eye shadows from when I was in high school. Can anyone tell me why I moved those suckers from the old house last year and still wound up keeping them? Cause I don't have a clue. Guess what, they're history, gone, bye bye.
My dear husband will not get the pleasure of enjoying what I did next. I washed the sheets on our bed. And I, only ME, will get to enjoy their crisp, sweetness tonight (he's got to work). Waa-Boo. Actually, he is taking my daughter on a field trip today to the Zoo. Otherwise, she would have been by herself. Cause I DO NOT DO FIELD TRIPS. Three guesses why not?
In just under an hour, my life as I know it will change. I'm getting my hair cut. I mean, CUT. The shorter the better. The only request DH had was no spikes. Well, I hope he still loves me Saturday.

I told you.....

I told you once I figured out how to redo my blog background, there would be no stopping me. I just wanted to find something that was my "color", you know?

Anyway, not that I didn't love the last one, but the black lace kept interfering with my groove.

So, I tried another one and this one just "feels" better, know what I'm sayin?

Okay, enough rambling.

I hope you all are enjoying your TGIF and have spectacular plans for the weekend. I know that it is going to be beatiful weather here all weekend and my flowers are pretty and I'm so glad to be here.

Have a great weekend everyone. Be blessed.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Okay, I got a free background from Shabby Blogs. Vote on it, do you like it or is it too busy?

Let me know and leave me some comment love.

Say Hello to my little friend......
Okay, so my SIL and BIL are here on Spring Break and of course, they had to bring something that is so totally fun.
Night before last, all five of us went over to MIL's house, where SIL, BIL, and their three kids are staying and the kids were playing Guitar Hero.
What a totally fun thing to play. I only did vocals so far, the kids did the guitars and drums, but that was about the funnest time I've had in at least a week. My DH even sang a couple of the songs. I laughed, and yelled and hollered and screeched the best I could. I think I might have even gotten some good points, but since I don't understand how the scoring works, I can't tell you for sure. All I know is, before they leave to go back home, we'ns is gonna play that game some more.
My kids better be extra special good so Santy can bring them something like that for Christmas. LOL.
I am totally going to want the decades edition so I can rock the 80's. Can I get a "whoot whoot"?
You guys have a great day.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I am writing today about a woman who has influenced my life. It's part of Titus 2 Tuesday, I found this while reading Shanda's blog.

She is a lady that I volunteer for at the high school here. Her name is Mrs. Beckman, or better know to all as "Sallie".

She has a sweet spirit about her and she is always pleasant to everyone, even those who are not necessarily pleasant to her.

She has taught me, that it doesn't matter the situation, you should face it with joy and smile and that you get a great deal more cooperation that way. But she also teaches how she loves Jesus each and every minute of the day, no matter what circumstances she is facing.

Who is teaching you?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hope everyone has a blessed Easter ......

We made it to Florida and are celebrating Easter at my parents' house this year.

I will post pics from the Spring Break snowstorm and probably a few of the breathtaking views we had on Monday or as quickly as I get to my home base computer.

Hope you guys have a great day tomorrow. Don't eat too many chocolate bunnies.....

Monday, April 6, 2009


Hello all. I know it has been a while, but we are on Spring Break. And I'm definitely out of touch with reality.
With another couple and their two children we decided on a camping trip in beautiful north Georgia and Chattanooga Tennessee. I have to tell you, even without full foilage. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.
We are camping at Amicalola Falls and Cloudland Canyon. What a spectacular vista!!!!
Beauty is all around us here and never has our Creator been more evident.
I cannot post pictures from here, but perhaps when I get home, I will get some posted.
The kids are enjoying themselves immensely and the all day fresh air experiences are wonderful for them.
Canyons and caverns and hikes and overlooks and everywhere we look, is more beauty.
I'll post about some experiences when we get back home.
Blessings to all and I hope everyone is well.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hump Day........

How many of you out there have heard Wednesday "hump day"? I was speaking with another mother at my child's school and said that I was glad that it was "hump day". You would have thought that I slapped her in the face. She had never heard it referred to as that and took offense thinking that the "hump" meant something else.

I am not the most couth person in the world, but I certainly wouldn't be going around bragging about that kind of "hump". I hate to say it, but I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. And right in her face, too. (See they don't call me Sally Manners for nothing).

I hope all of you are enjoying your Wednesday. Blessings to all.