Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The scrabble tiles were given away to Lisa Human at Human Touch Designs.

On to other things, like an afternoon snack and whether to use mustard or not!!

Let me preface this by saying that I know that there are more important things going on in the world right now, like the swine flu thing, and the presidential jet flying over New York, and the economy, but right now, I want to laugh.

When I got home from the school this afternoon, I wanted a snack. AND since I'm supposedly on this healthier eating kick and wanting to make better food choices, I had to forego the Worlds Finest Chocolate and almond bar in favor of six crackers and a slice of cheese folded in sixths.
Now, I plopped 2/6 pieces of cheese between two crackers and spurted it with Mustard. It was simply delicious (or maybe I was just starving) I can't really tell as I only had a yogurt and apple and cheese stick for lunch. Anyway, I made the second cracker set just exactly like the first and it was fantastic. So, I decided to be adventurous, to go where no one has dared to go before...... I at the cheese.....by itself (gasp)...I know..stepped out on a limb there, didn't I? Of course the cheese was wonderful. So what to do with the last two crackers. Plain? Go get more cheese? No, I decided to eat them with just mustard. LOL. Do not eat crackers with plain mustard. It must have the marriage of the flavor of the cheese and the mustard to qualify as a good taste.

So, what's your favorite afternoon snack and do you mustard? Or not?


Lisa Human: Human Touch Designs said...

Thanks for the tiles - I'm looking forward to creating something special for you!

I'm with you on the laugh - I need a good one of those today!

As for my afternoon snack, I love string cheese or fresh avocado (with a little fresh lemon) on tortilla chips - not the healthiest of choices, but they're my number one and two picks nonetheless!

And no mustard! ;)

that TOPS lady said...

My favorite "healthy" snack is a fiber one granola bar. They have a huge amount of fiber and they taste SOOOOogood. However, they come in a box of 5 and it is hard for me to just eat one a day. So.....................................I've been in the bathroom a lot today. yikes.

Shanda said...

You made me crack up! & yet you are inspiring me too...it seems at every turn I am reminded that I have weight to lose. I keep telling myself to do it...there just seems to be some link missing between my mind and my actions...ugh. Way to be disciplined!!

Midwest Mommy said...

Saltines and grape jelly have been my fav since being a kid. Don't know why but it is good!

Southern Rose said...

never have had mustard with my cheese and crackers - what kind of crackers? snacks are my second favorite meal - after dessert, of course. favorite afternoon snack - that's a hard one - maybe graham crackers with peanut butter and jelly.

Melissa said...

I love turkey slices with tortilla chips.....and cheese.