Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm having a clearance item giveaway......

One item only and I hope it goes fast....

I have a bag of 93 regular Scrabble tiles. The kind that some people who have etsy shops use to make jewelry tiles. An additional 2 tiles are blank and an additional 2 tiles have been marked on with magic marker.

This makes a total of 95 scrabble tiles. Now, if you know someone who has an etsy shop and wants these tiles and might be willing to barter me a finished necklace tile for the whole bag of them, hurry on over and tell them about my bag of tiles.

This will be a first come, first served basis. (I hope I get a necklace tile). So run, hurry, rush, spread the word. Help a SITSta out.


Sheryl said...

Thank you for following my WeightLoss Journal. I have to be honest after writing the first entry I thought "who wants to read about day to day struggles, I'll journal to myself".

I went in to delete that blog and found you started following and thought, "well, maybe God does want me to continue with it".

So for now, I'll continue the blog.

Becky said...

We always had a couple of tiles in our Scrabble games (we are big Scrabble people in our family) that were marked with a sharpie, too, lol.

Lisa Human: Human Touch Designs said...

I'm interested in bartering! Let me know if they're still available!