Friday, April 17, 2009

Random chattering.......

Today, I cleaned my master bathroom. You know, sometimes I think I'd rather be stuck with a branding iron that to get down and clean that little area on the side of the toilet. You know what I'm talking about, don't you? Yeah, any other side of the toilet haters out there?
I cleaned the lime scale off the shower doors. (I'm not sure why I do this. Because if you leave it, it just looks like frosted glass. Without it, woohoo, your behind is open for the world to see). When I came to from the fumes knocking me out, I was pretty pleased that my behind would be out there for anyone to see if they accidentally open the bathroom door while I'm in the shower.
(Personally, if they are so inconsiderate as to open the bathroom door while I'm showering, they deserve to see what they see). LOL.
I cleaned out my makeup drawer. I think I found some CG and Jane eye shadows from when I was in high school. Can anyone tell me why I moved those suckers from the old house last year and still wound up keeping them? Cause I don't have a clue. Guess what, they're history, gone, bye bye.
My dear husband will not get the pleasure of enjoying what I did next. I washed the sheets on our bed. And I, only ME, will get to enjoy their crisp, sweetness tonight (he's got to work). Waa-Boo. Actually, he is taking my daughter on a field trip today to the Zoo. Otherwise, she would have been by herself. Cause I DO NOT DO FIELD TRIPS. Three guesses why not?
In just under an hour, my life as I know it will change. I'm getting my hair cut. I mean, CUT. The shorter the better. The only request DH had was no spikes. Well, I hope he still loves me Saturday.

I told you.....

I told you once I figured out how to redo my blog background, there would be no stopping me. I just wanted to find something that was my "color", you know?

Anyway, not that I didn't love the last one, but the black lace kept interfering with my groove.

So, I tried another one and this one just "feels" better, know what I'm sayin?

Okay, enough rambling.

I hope you all are enjoying your TGIF and have spectacular plans for the weekend. I know that it is going to be beatiful weather here all weekend and my flowers are pretty and I'm so glad to be here.

Have a great weekend everyone. Be blessed.


Shanda said...

Oh girl, that cleaning the side of the toilet...ugh!!!

Enjoy the fresh sheets!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Renee said...

This design is so much better. I really like it! It's the laundry that I have no patience for. I can clean the bathroom ten times a day (oh, wait! I do! lol).

Melissa said...

Okay, I just threw up a little in my mouth. Yeah, that side of the toilet is the worst. At least, I only have one boy. He's actually not really the problem. Emmy Doodle Doo. You probably guessed that before I even typed it.
So, what's the status on the hair?