Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Dh and I have not been exactly what you would call "animal" people since we've been married.

We had a couple of dogs (one of which had to be given away because it bit our son). And he finally broke down and allowed the kids to have a cat a couple of years ago.

When we moved here almost two years ago, this cat ran away. I was kind of attached and hated that she was gone almost as much as my kids.

So, for almost two years, he had adamantly refused to let them have any kind of pets. No way, no how.

Two days ago, we got a new addition to our home. I'd like you all to meet Sydney. My middle son got to pick her out and my daughter got to name her.

In a few weeks, DH is allowing my oldest son to pick a chocolate lab puppy for his very own. And you guessed it, my daughter gets to name it.

I'm not sure how we went from a no pet family to having a calf, a cat, and a dog all within a few months. Whatever, right?

My question is this: What kind of pet do you have and how did you either litter train or house break your pet?


Holly said...

My friend went from zero pets to three within 2 is contagious.

Thanks for stopping by on SITS Day (last week)!

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Nezzy said...

I only have outside pets here on the Ponderosa. We have donkeys, cattle, dog and cat. I also name some wild critters 'round here. I have Rocky the squirrel who has been around for years. Maggie the mockingbird who follows me around the yard dancin' and singin' to the oldies as I work. The roadrunners Gomer and Henrietta. What can I say....I need to get out more. Heeeheheh!

You have yourself a terrifically blessed day!!!

CaraBee said...

We have two cats and they were both litter trained when we got them, so I am no help on that front. AND I am currently majorly struggling with potty training, so I am probably the last person to give any advice.