Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good Saturday everyone. I just have some random thoughts for today, hope they don't bore you to tears.

I was just contemplating how there is nothing like the smell of fresh cow manure early in the morning. My middle child volunteered himself to take care of the feeding of two of the FFA cows this weekend. (Translated: Mom has to get up extra early on her only day to sleep late). Oh well, he's a very energetic, go-getter kind of kid. I kind of love him. It was very nostalgic for me to watch him care for these two animals. One had been de-horned and the wound site needed care. My boy, in the pen with these two big ole honking cows. Where has the time gone and how did he manage to grow up so fast? My head is spinning.

I L.O.V.E. a yard sale. I am looking for a small writing desk with two drawers on the side for my daughter's bedroom. It would be for her to do homework on and store her supplies in. (She's a writer, don't ya know). She spends hours sitting and writing stories. I kind of love her too. No luck on the desk today, but I did score a cool piece of luggage for an incredibly low price, YAY for me!!!! I also found a set of three ceramic nesting bowls with a delft blue pattern. Can you say INSTANT LOVE? I can. Incredibly low price as well.

I love my oldest son, too. I don't really have a cool story about him today, but he makes my heart feel good. He has a true servant's heart and I pray that God will do a mighty work in him.

Last night, we went, as a family (dad included) and saw the movie, Despicable Me. I loved that silly little movie. I laughed, I almost cried. But most of all, I loved the little country movie theater that we go to see movies at. It is only open on Friday night, Saturday night, and Monday night. It is owned by a local family in the next little town over. And let me tell you, if you sent your teenager to this theater without you, there is no way that you would have to worry about them behaving in a manner that was not good. The little old lady owner insists on proper behaviour at all times AND there is a dress code. You will not see anyone's underwear in this place. Nosireebob. They have a plethora of Coke collectibles and memorabilia in the lobby and all throughout the theater. It really is a treat to go to movie and not have to watch an R rated show put on by the people attending the movie. Just plain, good old fashioned family fun.
Oh well, plans are to attend an anniversary barbeque this afternoon and then chillax tonight. Tomorrow, we'll do Sunday school and church.

Prayers going up to the families of those who lost loved ones on this anniversary date of 9/11. Please lift them up and remember our service men and women on foreign soil and those here on domestic soil.
May you all be blessed in the coming week.


Melissa said...

Oh how I wish all movies theaters followed those rules.

Oklahoma Granny said...

You are so lucky to have a small hometown movie theater like that. I wish there was one around here!

Shelley said...

My dream job is to open an old fashioned drive in movie....but, you just can't get folks to go sit out in the bugs and heat like we used to do when we were I miss those days sometimes...