Thursday, September 23, 2010


What an experience. At my church, on every Wednesday night while school is in session, we have teams that cook dinner. There are six teams, so we only have to cook once every six weeks. And to that I have to say, thank you Lord.
Last night was my first time ever being a team leader. I was large and in charge of the church kitchen. And they can be kind of strict, you know what I mean?
Anyway, my meal will be chicken and rice; green beans; rolls; and a variety of cakes for desert.
This being my first time and all, I got my pans of broth ready to heat up so I could put the uncooked rice in it. I was just sitting around there all fat, dumb and happy when the "head" honcho over all the teams comes in and asks me why my broth isn't even hot and it's just two hours before we start serving. I said, "WHAT??????" ACK!!!!! Apparently, you can't plug both pans in at the same receptacle. It flipped the breaker.
It's a good thing she came along, cause I didn't even know where the breaker box was.
Long story short, we barely got the chicken and rice done in time to start serving. Good news is, it got done and we served over 100 dinners.
So, the youth (who are the beneficiaries of the monies earned) wound up making a good profit on their investment.
YAY, only five more weeks till it's my turn AGAIN!!!! How long did they say school lasts this year?????
I hope you all are having a blessed week.

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