Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'ts here, 2009.

Does anyone remember back in 1999 when all the Y2K fuss was going on? I sure do, because I was working in public safety at the time, I got called in to work to stay overnight in case of massive power outages and all sorts of other unexplained phenomenon. Oh well, needless to say, they sent us home at 2 in the morning. Thank you sweet Lord for your many blessings.

Last night, my family and I enjoyed a fantastic New Year's eve party complete with disco music and all of us making complete idiots out of ourselves boogeying down. Well, this morning when I got up I was just thankful.

Thankful to the Lord of all the blessings he had bestowed upon my family in 2009 and the blessings that are still to come. The only resolution that I am making for 2009 is this: I want to be more grateful for these blessings and I want to pray and praise Him for His wonderful greatness. That's it.

I wish blessings to you and yours in this new year.


Becky said...

Happy New Year!

Megryansmom said...

That's a wonderful resolution. I think I'm often guilty of taking things for granted and not giving thanks for all my blessings. Thanks for the reminder and Happy New Year!

Lori said...

we were just talking about Y2K and how it doesn't seem like almost 10 yrs ago!

happy new year :^)

Melissa said...

Can you believe we are almost a decade into Y2K??? That's insane. I had no children when 2000 hit and now I have three. Insanity, I tell ya.

Suzee said...

Love your blog! I've left you a "One Lovely Blog Award" on my blog. Keep it coming!!