Monday, August 11, 2008


Okay, we live on a farm with cattle and hay operations. A couple of weeks ago, my cousin found a tiny baby squirrel that had fallen from it's nest waaaaaaaaay up in a pine tree. We tried for several hours unsuccessfully to get it back to it's mom. But to no avail. So, he decided to nurse it until it was old enough to be let loose. Enter the sucker.
Unfortunately, he had to leave to go to summer camp. Guess who got the squirrel to take care of? Right you are.
So, we've been feeding and caring for this squirrel for several weeks and all of a sudden, she is bonkers. So, DH decides that it is time to set her free. So, Saturday evening, we take her outside and place her on a tree and go back in side the house. (I am sitting in a chair with the blinds open so I can keep an "eye" on her. (Oh, did I mention that my kids named her Sassafrass?) Didn't think so.
Well, I sit and play the games on the computer and keep an "eye" out the window to keep track of her. She stayed in that tree all night Saturday. When I came home from church Sunday afternoon. She scrambled out of the tree. Ran past all three kids (who were just cooing and calling her) and up my arm she scrambled making cute little squirrel noises and such.
I melted. I'm such a sucker.
Long story short, (not really), I went and bought more replacement milk for her. Because we can't go in or out of our house without her stalking us. It is hilarious. HURRY UP AND CLOSE THAT DOOR. RUN........DON"T YOU LET HER BACK IN THIS HOUSE.......just a wonderful belly laugh for all concerned.
But we didn't get too attached or anything. Yeah, right!!!!


Melissa Lee said...

Okay, I realize this is not about the squirrel...although yes, you are a sucker!! (ha)

But to your question about Madea - I LOVE ME SOME MADEA. Me and my girlfriends laughed so hard through "Diary..." I thought we would be thrown out.

And I swear, if you look like Madea - I am going to need me a picture. And promptly.

Also, just so you know I have not quit praying for you. And would love to have an update on how you are.

Melissa at Stretch Marks

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

Ouisa, I've missed you.
Came back for a visit from my 'StatTracker' - yeah, you really can track 'em - and MAN did I laugh out loud. We had a sweet baby squirrel in our yard two summers ago. And by sweet I mean crazy. The thing (seriously) played with my now-four year-old's HotWheels. Drove it down the sidewalk with his front paws on the windshield. I'm not making this stuff up.