Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hey everybody,

First, let me get some business out of the way.....go on over to she is having a giveaway contest.
And not only do you get a chance at a $100 gift card, but you get to read some hilarious blogs too.

Now, that being said. I hope I win. Not that I'm destitute, but my three children just started back to school and for some reason, there are tons of people standing around with their hands held out just waiting for me to drop some cash in the little one started gymnastics..cha ching that will be 65 dollars for the first month and 45 dollars a month until you run out of money. Plus the 200 dollars for the clothes that little one MUST wear.

Then middle one wants to play middle school football. Got to go out and buy a pair of cleats cha ching that will be 40 dollars please. Then he decides that he isn't big enough and the middle school coach will make him be a benchwarmer. And now he wants to play midget football. That will be 40 dollars for the enrollment fee.

The oldest one hasn't found his niche yet, but I'll bet it's going to be expensive.

And that's not including all the clothes and supplies that we had to buy just so they would take them at the school. Did I say take? I didn't mean that in a bad way. It's a public school, they would have had to take them anyway, I just didn't want them not to have paper and pencils.

Does anyone else have this kind of problem? Don't get me wrong, we are extremely blessed to have the opportunities that we do, but sometimes I feel like we're bleeding cash and it won't stop.

Yep, I'm done. Have a great afternoon


jill jill bo bill said...

OMG!! I have that same reaction to Forget Paris with Debra Winger and Billy Crystal. i have never seen your movie Heroes, but I will go get it. You must in turn rent Forget Paris, and it's old, so I hope you can find it. The bird scene and her dad in the car are my favorites!!!!
And I am soooo feeling the cha ching pain with ya.The bad thing is I think of that as I'm taking them to karate or whatever and I'm like, "Have fun (at this $50/mo crap) be back in 30 minutes"(God knows I wish I made 100 bucks an hour. I just save lives and help people, YOU dear ninja man can catch a fly in mid-air. God knows thats worth 100 dollars an hour.)

Melissa said...

Money is always an issue. My mom told me it just gets worse the older they get.

So, when do you want or do you want to do the guest blogger thing?

Email and let me know.

Anonymous said...

Our school require you to pay "book rental"... WTF is that??? I've got to pay for my kids to borrow their text books? and it's like $100 for each kid!

Totally sucks.

Heather said...

I'm right there with you...I had to pick up extra shifts at the hospital just to pay for back to school stuff!

Although I have to say I am glad my kids want to do extracurricular stuff...cheaper to pay for that now than watch them get themselves into trouble later.