Sunday, October 24, 2010

I have been absent from blogging for a while. Sorry, I know that my fan base was waiting with bated breath hoping for an update. However, I have been swamped. Between middle child's football career and this baby's talent show preparation, it has been a madhouse.
She did great by the way. Sat there at that piano and performed like a little girl. It was wonderful.
The boys football career for this year is winding down. Last game night after tomorrow. And then he wants to play soccer. WHAT? That's right, soccer. Can't wait for that season to begin. I think I should just put a stove and refrigerator in the truck and be done with it.
BUT seriously, thank you Lord for children that are healthy enough to participate. Y'all have a blessed week.


Cherie said...

Awww she looks so sweet! I think piano is such a great instrument for kids to play it teaches them so many things!

Midwest Mommy said...

So that carpet cleaner works great? I have an older one and I don't think it gets the spots like I want it too. Maybe it's the heat of this one?