Friday, October 29, 2010


Sixteen years ago, I stood in a church, in a beautiful (borrowed) wedding gown and a beautiful veil (my mother made for me). I stood next to a wonderful man. Sexy, adventurous, loving, and hard working man.
We stood before our families and made a commitment to a marriage.
We stood and proclaimed our love for each other. And at the time, we truly believed we knew what that really was.
Now, 16 years later, we have been through good times and bad times. Flush and bust. Loving and not so loving times. He survived three pregnancies (and yes ladies, we know it can be a matter of survival for the man when we are so hormonal).
We have changed over these years. We weigh more, our hair is grayer, we aren't quite so adventuresome anymore. Not quite as sexy as we were back then.
That being said, I still love you as much, if not more than I did that day.
Here's to us, baby!!!! I love you!!


Shannon said...


Happy Anniversary!

Rebecca Jo said...

Hope it was wonderful! That many years is a feat!!!