Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hey y'all. The time has finally arrived. Fall ball is here. My middle son has decided he wants to play. I'm great with that. I'm glad he's getting some exercise three days a week. I'm happy to sit and watch him and his team mates have a great time.
But seriously, what's up with some of these parents? Hello!!!! It's a game. No one is going to be taken out and executed if they don't play like the pros on TV.
And what's up with some of these kids? I saw a kid get put out at 3rd base today and fall down and have a tantrum. Crying and carrying on. Even into the fielding portion of the inning. I heard his coach (maybe his dad) yelling at him to stop it. Wow. I guess I'm just too laid back about it. Apparently there are plenty of parents who are quite serious. This one guys kept saying over and over "It's all about the win", "It's all about the win". Seriously? Is that the only reason he lets his kid participate?
New experience for me. I'm like its okay to win and it's okay to lose, but do it in a manner that shows you have respect for yourself and others.
Whatevah, right?
Oh, by the way. I love that my little one's coach plays everyone. No matter how good they are or how bad they are. It's a great way to learn.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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