Friday, October 30, 2009

The main event...........this weekend............

is not Halloween in my neck of the is actually the.....



Football game in Jacksonville, Florida.

Now, a fellow blogger asked the question is there any event in our area that we would like to have tickets to. And my response is listed below:

Hey Kat,The big event in our area this weekend is the FL/GA game in Jacksonville. I would love to watch it, but there would have to be several things happening before I would actually go.

1. Hell would have to freeze over. Because there is no way that I am going to sit in a stadium with thousands of rabid Gator and Dawg fans. Just not gonna happen. Especially since the forcast temperature is gonna feel like 100 on the field. Nope, cannot be glistening, just can't.

2. Well, number one pretty much covered it.

Oh, and 3. I can see it better on TV when they have instant playback and those nifty lines they draw all over the place to help me keep track of what down it is and all that jazz.



Jennifer Haas said...

Stopping by from SITS. Hope you enjoy the game.

Sam said...

LOL.. YOU REALLY ARE after my own heart! Whoa.. you couldn't get me to that game under any circumstances. Well, maybe one or two fantasy circumstances could get me there, but the odds of them taking place are a joke. Glistening is such a nice way to put it. thank you