Thursday, October 16, 2008

Six Things.....maybe a few more.....

I was tagged by JillJillBoBill to list six things that make me happy. Sheesh, only six?

If you ask DH, he will probably tell you that nothing makes me happy. (LOL) Just ask him.

So here we go (oh, and before I forget, thanks JillJill for tagging me? You are my favorite separated at birth twin who got the bigger slice of grey matter).

1. Hearing my kids laugh. That is a sound that just warms my heart and makes me smile and giggle a little.

2. COMMENT LOVE (HELLO) makes me very happy.

3. My internet connection actually working makes me extremely happy.

4. My hometown high school football teams winning their games makes me happy.

5. I love to sing along with my favorite songs and hymns.

6. I am happy to be alive in this beautiful world that has been created just for us. To see His beauty all around us, every day.

7. I am happy to live in a country that I am free to get on this internet and chat and voice opinions and no one is going to hunt me down and kill me for them.

8. I am happy that my mama taught me how to act when I really feel like jumping on somebody's head and pulling their stinking hair out.....wait, I need to get to my happy place for a minute.................................................aaaaaaahhhhh. Okay, I'm back. (I'll post tomorrow about what was making me so angry).

9. I'm thankful for each and every one of you beautiful women (and men) who take the time to lift each other up even when we don't know each other from Adam's housecat.

10. I'm thankful that the Twilight movie will be out soon (that's for you Lula).

So I didn't have 6 but 10 and I could keep on going cause it's fall y'all. And I love fall. But enough. So here are my six people I am tagging to do this:

Karin at 6byHisdesign

LeighAnn at Lulaville

Melissa at Stretch Marks

Kori at Life As a Cfers wife

Stephanie at Life as a Southern Rose

That's only five, but that is all I can remember right now.

So, ladies, hate me if you must, but please pass on the love.


jill jill bo bill said...

Those are all great. Good job twin!!!!

Kori said...

I will so be passing on the love starting with this here comment. It will be later this evening though.

And even though we don't know each other from Adam's housecat. I still think you're great!

Kori said...

Hey Shelley I went to Jill's page but I didn't see anything and I checked my list and no she's not on mine. So if you want to join the SHindig just send me an email and I'll get you all hooked up after a few minor questions of course. No biggie.

Just let me know