Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Made It

Well, my first day of volunteering was quite a non-event. When I got to the school, my daughter's teacher did not need me, so I was shuffled off to another classroom. It was a real learning experience. I got to do the kind of work I love without ever having to touch the first germy kid. YAY!!!!!

I had a great school lunch of whipped potatoes, chicken fried chicken (or something) and some delicous pears. And a Shoney's quality roll. All for the bargain price of #3.00. WOW, what a deal.

After lunch, I trundled on over to the High School and met with the volunteer coordinator who immediately put me to work on alphabetizing and separating and filing and I could not have been more happy. It was almost like my old job.

So, there are plenty of opportunities out there for me, I just have to decide which school I will go to today. I have a child in the elementary, the middle, and the high school levels. So, I guess I have my work cut out for me.

Thanks for all the wonderful thoughts and wishes.

Oh, did you know that Rhea over at Texas Word Tangle is having a giveaway. She's got this super cool pot to give away and some Jambalaya mix. No need to stick around here....Hello, is anyone there? Oh well, have a great day.


Midwest Mommy said...

How fun!
I am having a small little giveaway on my review blog. No one has signed up yet so your chances are pretty good :-)
The link is on the top right of my reg blog if you are interested.

Adelaine said...

I personally LOVE school lunch! I would eat it everyday - food I don't have to cook = good deal for me!!

In our town the school district serves free lunch during the summer time to any child up to the age of 17 regardless of income. Then the adults can eat for $2. Gotta love it!

Becky said...

Yay for you putting on make-up, and making yourself get out there! It is so hard to do sometimes, but so necessary!
I don't have all the troubles you do, with RA and all, but I do have 4 kids and depend on my zoloft...and the one rule I make for myself is when I get up to always wear make-up. It makes me feel better, not to let that one thing slide.
Good Luck with volunteering!

Mandy said...

Shelley, Hi SITSta! You were ahead of me in roll call so I stopped by to sa hi.:) I just started volunterring (only one in school), I'm not sure what to think of the whole process yet--I have to get a TB test and a background check??! I thought having a kid qualified me to help them out.....? It's a strange, scary world. Anyway, I hope you're enjoying your day, thanks for the fun mornnig read.:)

Octamom said...

So glad it went well-good for you! Thanks for the heads up about the giveaway at Rhea's place--I'll have to go check it out!


Shannon said...

Hmmm... its been awhile since I've had a school lunch. I think I might be ok with eating at the high school... but my kids are only 5 and 7 so it will be awhile before I get there! And I just don't think I can do elementary school lunch!

Heather said...

You're playing "Bella's Lullaby".

I'm getting ready to read my Twilight Movie the official guide.

I will read while I listen.

I knew I liked you.