Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hello everyone, I apologize in advance if I offend anyone with this post....but I gotta vent a little bit.

Dear driver of the little blue car: What did you have to do that was so important as to make you pull out in front of me (I was doing 60). I had to slam on the brake to keep from hitting you. Then you drive one block, ONE BLOCK) and stop to make a left hand turn. Could you not have waited three more seconds for me to get past you? Was I invisible? Did you just not look? Oh, I see, I must have put my cloaking paint on the truck today. Lady, you are lucky that I didn't cream you. No, I take that back, I am BLESSED that I didn't cream you.

Dear Pharmacy Technician: I realize that you have a lot of responsibility. I do. Honest. How can a prescription from my doctor (that was ordered on the 1st of July) how can that prescription possibly not be ready on the 15th of July? Seriously, you know that I am due for that injection on the 18th and y'all sure as heck ain't gonna be open. It makes me want to say bad things to you, but since you barely speak English, you probably wouldn't understand me anyway. And if I said those things, I would just have to spend time asking Jesus to forgive me for em anyway. So maybe it's best if you don't speak the English well.

Dear receptionist in the doctors office: I know there are a lot of patients. I know this, cause I have waited in line to see a physician behind most of them. Please don't be upset with me because I question whether you have sent my prescription to the pharmacy. I just called to find out because the pharmacy tech (see above paragraph) said they had not received any communication from you all.

To my dear children: Please stay out of my room. It is my room. It has my personal things in it. Unless I send you in or ask you to come in, you should not be in my room. I don't care if you need bug spray, I don't care if you need notebook paper. The proper way to go about things is to ask first, get permission, then get what you need. Not go in my room, take things without asking and then NOT returning the items you took without permission in the first place. I am a hairs breadth from putting a keyed lock on my door. This close! I have got to have some privacy at some point. I thought we had settled this issue. And by the way, I can tell when you've been in my room on my laptop. Its called "cookies" and "history".

Thanks for listening to me vent folks. I have had a very frustrating day. It's a good thing I don't drink, cause after today, I'd be an alcoholic. LOL. Y'all have a great Friday.

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Midwest Mommy said...

The first one happened to me yesterday on my way home from the fair. Seriously I was laying on my brakes and the horn trying to make him move so I wouldn't hit him. Then not even a block later he turned left. Ugh!