Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Man I have been busy today. I had to drive a couple hours to Jax to pick up those free Disney passes that I won in a contest....yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Had to pick up a liver sonogram result and deliver it to my rheumatologist.

I got home six hours later and the power went out....YIKES!!! So I opened the blind over my desk and looked out on the porch and there sat a beautiful little vase of roses. I was overcome with joy. My heart skipped a few beats and I was stunned. My DH had sent me some flowers (or so I thought). I was nearly in tears as I stepped out on the porch and picked them up.

I got back inside and sat down at the desk and opened the card. I was shocked. I couldn't read what the card said. It was TOTALLY illegible. So, me being me, I called the flower shop and asked them who had ordered the flowers that they had delivered to my house. They let me know quickly they had not made any deliveries in my area today. So, I described the flowers to them and they let me know that a little girl and her grandma had come in to purchase the flowers for a little girl who had broken her arm.

OMG!!!!! I was so embarrassed. You see, my birthday is coming up on Friday and for some stupid reason, I thought my husband had sent me flowers. What an idiot I am. Let's just say that wishing for something don't make it so.

So, the flowers belong to my daughter. Her little cousin (who is 5) had her grandmother take her and buy the flowers for my daughter to make her feel better. How sweet is that, I ask you?

My little girl was so excited. Check her out Hope y'all are having a great week.

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Nana said...

Very, Very Sweet I tell ya!!!