Friday, March 13, 2009


Yesterday, I decided to put a sign on my mirror in my bathroom. I did this so that each morning I would be reminded that I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY. Anyway I printed the sign out and trimmed it nicely, and was so stinking proud of myself.............then the 7 year old comes in and pops my balloon BIG TIME!!!!

The sign looked like this


HAPPY !!!!

My daughter goes, mom I don't understand this note. I said, "What's not to understand?" Whatever else I choose to be happy.

Do you see the mistake? Yeah, a 7 year old caught and I didn't. It's not like I'm illiterate or anything. Score one for the kid.

I hope you guys have a blessed weekend.


Shanda said...

Maybe you could convince said 7 yr old to make you a sign that was grammatically correct with a "happy" picture drawn by her?! That is sure to bring a smile to your day!

Still praying for you girl! HUGS!

Suzee said...

Congratulations on using affirmations - they are so powerful! In my bathroom I have "If you wait to be happy you will wait forever. If you are happy now, you will be happy forever" It's a nice framed piece of art by Sally Russ. I love seeing it. I hope you enjoy yours too :)

Midwest Mommy said...

Do you know I reread this a few times and was like, what the heck is wrong! lol, I totally didn't catch it.

feather k said...

well you knew what you "meant" to say :)...thanks for visiting!