Saturday, March 21, 2009

And the winner is......


Shanda has won my giveaway for the Live*Laugh*Love prize package. Congratulations!

Today, my MIL is taking us to see the Bejing Acrobats. I can hardly wait to become dizzy watching them flip and tumble all over the place. My kids are excited as well.

Pray for my aunt as she is going through a difficult time right now. Can't go into detail, but God knows her needs.

My mom and dad spent the night with us last night. We won't see them for the next several weeks due to commitments they have and commitments that we have, but it sure is great to see them. Pray for their continued good health as they begin to get older. My mom talked to me yesterday about going to see about getting enrolled in the Medicare program. How is it that I cannot conceive of my mama getting old enough to be on Medicare? She doesn't look "that" old. She can't possibly be......because that would make me.....nevermind.

I hope you all have a blessed weekend and spend at least some time blessing God with your presence in His house this weekend. He has great things in store for you, just open the door.


Laura said...

Just stopping by from SITS to say hi. Congrats to Shanda for winning your giveaway. Have fun at the Beijing Acrobats. I'm sure it will be incredible.

Come check out my spring giveaway!

Shanda said...

Woohooo!!! I'm so excited!!! Thank you!

Have a wonderful time watching the Bejing Acrobats!

Blessings & peace to you!

Shanda said...

I couldn't find your e-mail address...could you e-mail me at


Midwest Mommy said...

Congrats to the winner.
I am praying for her.
And have fun watching them flip :-)