Monday, November 24, 2008

We're baaaaaaaaaacccccckkkkkk.......

Hello everyone, we are back from a super long road trip to the playoffs and unfortunately, our bid ends here. But man, what a season this team had. And I learned an incredible amount about football. I learned that 39 degrees is way too F R E A K I N G cold to be out watching a football game. That 39 degrees will make your hands hurt if you clap them. That hot chocolate is named "hot" chocolate for a reason. It tastes much better when it's HOT.

Here we are: Me, my MIL, and my auntie M all bundled up and enjoying the weather.

I was wearing two pairs of gloves here and my hands were still freezing. It's okay though. Good family times, huh? My daughter was exhausted from the trip and climbed up in Uncle Mike's lap and promptly fell asleep under a blanket. Poor Uncle Mike, no more cheering for him.
Who else out there didn't get to see Twilight?


Octamom said...

No Twilight here, yet!

Looks like a fun (chilly, freezing) time was had by all!

Thanks so much for your kind words of the Selah--it is such a comfort to know that my friends are being held close in prayer by such an awesome community of my blogging buds.


Southern Rose said...

Me :..( I have not seen it yet either. Thing 1 went with his girlfriend Friday night, and Thing 2 saw it twice this weekend - talk about unfair. I brought her into this world, and she had the audacity to go without me - and 2x!

Oh well. Hopefully soon. I don't think I could last more than 1/2 an hour in a theater seat yet anyway.