Friday, August 27, 2010

We've go the first week under our belt.
That's right. The first week of school is officially OVER!!!
I wish that I had been smart enough to buy stock in paper,
folders, pencils, and pens when I was younger. I would be
independently wealthy by now. I spent a TON on school
supplies this year. I hope that everyone's children are settling
in to their new school years happily and healthily.

An update on my sweet mama. Her kneecap is broken, although
not as badly as she was first led to believe. She will not require
surgery. He doesn't even want her in a cast. He put her in a brace,
offered her pain meds (which she refused outright), and told her that
she could do whatever activity she felt comfortable doing. Except for
driving. Unfortunately, she broke her right kneecap and it is too painful
to move back and forth between gas and brake pedal fast enough for
them to be comfortable letting her drive. (She really doesn't like that).
Thank you all for your prayers for her.
Hope you all have a great weekend. Be blessed.


dawn said...

Sorry about your mother's knee. I really do know how awful it is- did something similar when I was 12 and hated spending the summer recovering from surgery.

Glad you made it through the 1st week of school... only 30-something more to go!
And with just that one little 1st day glitch- which your daughter will remember FOREVER... I forgot my daughter once. I was rushed to the hospital in premature labor so I THOUGHT it a good excuse, but of course 14 years later she still reminds me that I FORGOT HER!
So she'll send the shrink bill to me some day... whatever.LOL!
Have a great 2nd week!

Oklahoma Granny said...

I'm so glad to hear the break wasn't as bad as first reported.