Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You know what Madea said at the end of Family Reunion......

Lady, why the H _ _ _ did you bring that crying baby up here in the theatre, you know people trying to watc a movie, you just rude. Take that baby outside so people can watch their movie.

As a participant of Ticks Me off Tuesday, this is my rant.

Last night, my family went to the movies. This is a pretty rare thing for the five of us to be able to go at once. We went to see Ice Age 3. No spoilers, I promise.
We all got our popcorn and settled in to enjoy this entertainment. I was excited from all the previews I had seen, I was betting this was going to be a good movie.
There was a group of teenagers in front of us and yes, I admit it, I generationally profiled. I just knew the girls and boys were gonna be all giggly and carrying on and Ithought to myself, "Great, just great. A bunch of hormonally wild teenagers". But surprisingly, they behaved very well. Or, the fact that the baby behind us cried the entire freaking movie could have distracted me from their behavior.
I mean, come on, as soon as the movie began, this child, started whining about popcorn. The mother told her no to sit down. Okay, if I heard sit down once, that woman said it 800 times during the movie. And every time she told the kid to sit down, she would smack her on the leg. And of course, the kid would start crying.
Constant whining for popcorn and wanting to sit in Grandma's lap and crying and hollering NO and mom saying sit down NOW.
I turned around several times to look at these people, hoping they would get a clue. And I didn't feel like getting shot (cause you just don't ever know about people these days).
It just amazes me, the level of total disregard for anyone else besides themselves. When my two year old went to the movies, Oh that's right, I didn't take my two old to the movies because they would have cried and made someone else not enjoy the movie. And if my two year did scream NO at me, we certainly wouldn't have just sat there and popped them on the leg. That only made her cry harder.
I wanted to throw my popcorn bucket at her and scream GIVE THE FREAKING KID SOME POPCORN ALREADY!!!
Have you ever been that rude? Didn't you get up and take your crying child to the lobby for a moment until they calmed down?
I simply cannot wrap my mind around the logic this woman was using. I know mommy's want to watch movies too, but come on. There's no way she could have been watching the movie with all the sit downs and smacking going on back there.
Wade in, give me your take.....and have a great day.

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Cherie said...

I think that overall there is a lack of respect in the U.S. these days.
Everyone is doing their own thing - whether it is bringing their 2 year old to the movie or taking 30 minutes in one of only 2 windows open at the post office when there is a line of 15 people waiting (yes this is my rant for this week!) - and they just don't care if others are inconvenienced or have to wait or whatever. So frustrating!

I think at the age I am now I would have just stood up and told her to take her kid out!
I also would have complained to the theatre manager and got me some free movie tickets!!