Sunday, July 26, 2009

This is the sunset at our Campsite at Fort Desoto.
This is my husband trying to help my daughter set up her sun shade on the edge of the bay.

View from campsite at Fort Desoto.

My boys on the monorail at Disney.

Super cool golf cart at Fort Wilderness.
our first view of Disney.

REALITY Bites.....................
So they say. We are home from a wonderful six day vacation. Three days at Fort Wilderness and three days at the beautiful, under rated Fort Desoto State park.
Wow, I never knew you could cram so much into such a small period of time. We spent minimal time at the camper at Fort Wilderness. There is so much stuff to do, you don't have time to relax. We bought the after 2pm water park passes and did Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach and then Typhoon Lagaoon again. What a great time. In addition, we saw the settlement at Fort Wilderness, swam in the pool, slid slides and used the wonderfully delicious hot tub. Man, what great times. I hope my children were paying attention.
Then on to Fort DeSoto. What a gorgeous place. Peaceful, beautiful, did I mention beautiful. I could live there (if not for the fact that I had to use someone else's shower all the time). I am including some pics of our little vacay. I hope you enjoy them.


mommy4life said...

Looks like a wonderful time!!!

Melissa said...

I love fort wilderness! It is so relaxing there.

Shanda said...

Awesome pics! I've never been to Fort Wilderness - looks great!!

Cherie said...

Fort Wilderness sounds so cool - Is that a Disney property? I am guessing because of the cute golf cart!

Fort Desoto looks like you were on a tropical vacation - just beautiful!!

So glad you got to go :D