Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Saturday everyone.
I hope that you are getting some much needed R&R or doing whatever it is that makes you happy today.
So, I think I'm ready to begin writing about our Christmas break now.
On day one at 8:30 am, I climbed into the backseat of my MIL car and off we went. (My husband would be traveling in a seperate vehicle with our children when they got out of school that day.) You may not know this, but if you are prone to car sickness, the back seat is not the place to be. Guess what? I'm prone to car sickness. By the time we got about 150 miles from home, I was so sick I could barely hold my head up. Go figure!!! So the first day of my vacation, I was kind of wobbly. And we still had about 10 hours left to drive on the first day.
Once I got some Dramamine down my throat and got up front in the passenger seat, I was some better. We traveled all the way to Baltimore (from Florida) that first day. I saw many interesting things along the way. Wish I had been well enough, or had thought to bring a camera so I could have snapped some photos along the way. Hindsight is 20/20.
Day Two started at 7:30 am and was a lot more interstate driving. I may not be college educated, but it only took me once to figure out NOT to sit in the back seat. So, for most of the day, I rode in the passenger seat. We were somewhere in New York State when I finally felt well enough to give driving a try. It was much better, but I was too busy concentrating on the other cars to really enjoy much of the scenery.
When we got to Albany NY, we were within two hours of the house my MIL rented. And I could not have been more excited. I just have to say though, it is no wonder northerners have a higher rate of S.A.D.. It started getting dark at around 4:30 that afternoon.
So, we arrived in the beautiful little town of Danby VT about 45 minutes before it got totally dark. The house we stayed at was called Mettawee. Gorgeous!!! Since we were to be the first ones there, it was our mission to drive the 20 so miles to Rutland and buy groceries. Unh-uh!!! Not happening. It got dark so early, we didn't know the roads, so we decided to stay at the house and go back to the little store we had seen in Danby on the way to the house. It was in a house that had to be at least 100 years old and it was as fabulous as you can imagine. They even had a deli in the back to make up some "grinders" for supper.
Never heard of a grinder before then. Turns out, its a sub. Potatoe/potato??
Anyway, we took our subs back to the house and ate them. Then MIL and nephew spent the next hour or so putting up the Christmas tree and building a fire. I was soooooo missing my husband and kids. Who were supposed to be getting there the next day. I am trying to get how to post multiple pics figured out.
Tune in next time when I talk about NYC side trip.


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Brandy said...

What a small world...I was in Albany over Christmas break! I can't wait to see the pics.

(BTW spam sucks!)