Monday, January 31, 2011

Good Monday morning to you all. I hope that this weekend was a blessed one for you all.
Since my last post, I have taken the advice (great advice, I might add) of my bloggy buddies about being overwhelmed with clutter. To take one small bite at a time.
I purchased some plastic bins (on sale, too)!! Started with one little bit and I am pleased to tell you all that I have made some significant progress in getting everything up off the floors and into some semblance of order.
Although, purchasing a storage shed is out of the financial question right now, I did locate an unused space in my home and have stored ALL of my Christmas decorations there.
That little move freed up some space in my children's bathroom closet (see, I told you it was bad).
I am so grateful to have wonderful bloggy buddies who have great advice and much compassion for me.
Hoping that each of you has a blessed week. :-))

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Brandy said...

Baby steps...

Hope the organizing is going well!