Monday, November 29, 2010

Random Drivel

Alright, so everyone knows that my middle child is big into soccer this year. As a matter of fact, he is playing right now, as I type. I, however, am not in attendance at his game. For once, his father is off work and I sent him to the game. I'm not really a bad mother, I've just had enough.(Plus, I am baking a cake, my oldest is having a birthday party tomorrow night, he's 15 YIKES!!)
I have been at the soccer field almost every game (whether he was playing or not). Because parents are supposed to be involved in every level of their child's sport, I volunteered to work the ticket booth and on a couple of occasions, the concessions. All this money goes to the soccer teams and to defer the cost of their uniforms and transportation. And I think it's only fair that the parents work in those two areas to help out. There are plenty of games going on when my child is not playing. I just don't volunteer to do anything for the time that his team is playing. Up until today, I thought this. There are four parents out of at least 60 sets that have actually signed up to help. FOUR!!!! And today, when the soccer secretary sent an email out to ask these parents for help (to raise money to benefit their kid), one of the parents responded by asking to be removed from the email list. Can you beat that? Drop your kid off to play and come back in a couple hours, but don't bother to volunteer to help support the organization that is teaching your child a sport?
What is wrong with people? Seriously? It's an hour and half. Give me a break.
Okay, through venting now. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday. I know I sure enjoyed all my family and friends that came to visit.

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