Monday, February 23, 2009

A Foodie ..... or not?

In response to a post by Octamom, I have to say a few things.

First, finicky eater does not even begin to describe what I am. Or two of my three children.
If it is something that I am not accustomed to, forget it. Until.........................

Recently, I discovered that I was a hipocrit?(spelling). I would make my children try things they professed to not like, but I, myself, would fly under the radar so I wouldn't have to.

Since our move in June, I have gotten much better about eating things that I professed to not like. And I have found, to my chagrin, that there are some awesome things out there that I have been missing out on. Don't go getting me wrong, I'm still a finicky eater, but I now try things before I say I don't like them. And mainly, it is textures that do me in. Of course, taste matters, but if something doesn't "feel" right, I will say YUCK faster than you can blink an eye.

So, go visit Octamom and read her post on eating preferences.

P.S. Thanks Octamom for giving me something to post about today.


Melissa said...

I am the polar opposite of finicky. I will try almost anything once. I have even tried rocky mountain oysters (cow testicles). Not sayin' I'll be popping any more of those bad boys in my mouth again anytime soon, but at least I can say, "Yeah, I tried those."

Shannon said...

I'd say I'm a bit finicky... I might try a new food... or I might not, LOL!

My kids don't know how good they have it! When I was little, I had to eat brussel sprouts, peas, fish... things my mom likes and would make. But since I don't like them myself, I never cook them. I don't think my girls have ever tried brussel sprouts!

Susie said...

Good luck with your finicky palate:-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments. I hope to see you back there soon:-)