Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Want to Win.........

I so want to win this contest. I so want to win this contest.
So, please put my 10 entries in your bowl and tell you daughter I will love her forever if she picks my name out of the bowl on Saturday.
How's that. You all should go check out this blog. She is great.
Okay, now on to today's post. I kind of think my car is jinxed. You know, first with the baby powder scented car wash spray/bug spray/toot smell and now with this.
My two boys are playing league football this year and I have to drive over 2o miles each time they have a game. They have a little cousin on their team that rides with us (because they have to be there an hour early). So he rides with us while his parents stay at home until game time.
This is not a problem. I'm all for carpooling and since they are kind enough to take my daughter to school everyday, I am MORE than happy to give this little guy a ride.
Last night, however, man OH man.
We had just pulled up to a stop light and I hear water running. I thought, "why do I hear water running". Turns out the little guy was puking his guts out in the floor of the grocery getter. YEP, spewed taco salad all over the floor of my van. And worse than that, I had to clean it up. It wasn't even my own kids puke and I cleaned it up. I wish I had a picture of that because I had to roll up a kleenex and stick it in each nostril so I could do that.
And to top that off, we are at a county ball park with cars parked all around us and kids and adults everywhere staring at the lunatic with two white things sticking out of her nose and muttering under her breath and carrying large quantities of nasty, disgusting huggies wipes to the garbage cans. At least, there were garbage cans there. I'm not sure I could have ridden home with that kind of stink in my car.
Today, it sits all alone out in the middle of the yard, where there is plenty of sunshine and the doors are wide open.
I sincerely hope not vermin or squirrels get in the car. Because shortly, I have to go the school and pick up five little chillens and bring them home in the pukemobile.
Life is short, laugh it up.


Kori said...

I hope you win. I hope you win.

jill jill bo bill said...

That is too funny. AND gross. Great combination.

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

EEEEEeeeeeeew! I think that is just too gross to even find a quippy comment! You are a saint.

Thanks for always typing such stirringly sweet comments at my idiot wisdom. *heartU* Ouisa!


holey stars - I have to go type this into the word veri:
rdhiifmd (it looks faaaaaar worse in word veri. Here I go to type it again.)

Mrs Parks said...

If theres one thing I hate, it's another kids puke :(