Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I did it. Finally, I can hardly believe it has taken me so long.
I finally got all the ladies from EE09 on my blog roll.
Don't judge, please. I have also been catching up on my blog reading and visiting. I'm just sayin. With the holiday behind me and the one in front of me, I'm trying to keep up with all you guys.
Is anyone finished with their Christmas shopping? Anyone not even started yet? I feel like I'm in "fail" mode right now. Yikes!!! Y'all have a great day.


Christine aka Mistress of Cakes said...

Hello fellow SITSta! I need your help!

Could you vote for me in Iron Cupcake?

(I am campaigning for votes….because I put a lot of time and detail into my cupcake)

I am currently behind The Baker’s Remix……boo..L

If there is anything I can do for you in the future don’t hesitate to ask! (When I say this I am completely serious!)

Here is the link:

Brandy said...

I'm about 60% done but the rest is for people that are hard to buy for. I hate that!

If it makes you feel better all my Christmas decorations aren't up either. :(

Oh, and I want to cut all the other people shopping in the stores right now. :)

Melissa said...

I'm actually almost done with the kids. I have to get some stocking stuffers for the kids and books.

Everyone else is going without. We just can't afford it.

My house is decorated and I'm loving it. We put up the tree last night. I'll post pics on Friday hopefully.

We are going on the ladies shopping trip on Saturday. Should be ya!!!

~ Dawn ~ said...

I have a little done, but have to get for the extended family and soem stocking stuffers for the kids. We are going to finish up decorating teh hosue this weekend. WOOHOO!! Have a great day!!

Tam said...

I am done because I am not doing much this year. It is going to be very very low keyed around here.

Midwest Mommy said...

Ha! Finished Christmas shopping? I have barely begun. I think I like to torture myself, lol

Angela said...

I appreciate you linking me up!

I feel totally behind right now. Don't feel like you're the only one! We have most of the decorations up this year and the tree looks great, but somehow I can't get my Christmas mojo going. I think it's 'cause I'm letting all the "stuff" get me down and not focusing where I should. I'm workin' on it!