Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Right now, as I am typing this, the time left on the counter for Estrogen Extravaganza (you see it, right there on the right). Yeah, well I have been waiting many, many moons to post this.

Only 23 hours 48 minutes left until we go to Estrogen Extravaganza. Myself, and 14 other of my nearest, dearest blogging buddies (of whom, I have only personally met one) will be driving, flying, walking (not really) carpooling, etc to a predetermined location in a beautiful mountain town to spend a glorious weekend terrorizing said beautiful mountain town.

In the last few days, everyone has begun to get a little excited. Emails have been flying fast and furiously between all of us worried if we are gonna have enough of eats or toilet paper. Believe me, we will have enough. I am having to borrow a car topper just so we can get all our luggage and food there.
I can hardly wait to meet all you super ladies. And if it works out, maybe we could go even bigger next year, just sayin'.
See you girls on Thursday evening.


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

THANK YOU so much for getting that topper for us to use!! I can tell you are just a "go to" gal and I can't WAIT for this weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

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Tam said...

Have FUN!!!!!

Janna Bee said...

I'm totally loving that you are calling it "estrogen extravaganza"! Have fun!

Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day.

Angela said...

Hi Michelle! Had a GREAT time meeting and visiting with you! Hope you guys did not have too long a trip home. Happy week!

Angela said...

Oh ps - here is a link to those knitting videos I was telling you about. Get going, girl! You can do it!!