Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What a wonderful time of day

Aaaaaaaahhh!!! Blessed quiet. (at this moment) there is nothing so wonderful as bedtime. All the arguing and fighting and terrorizing their younger sister is over. Then I can sit back and jump on the blog wagon once again.
We live in a remote area and being new and all, I really have not had a chance to meet all that many people and to tell you the truth, I am almost perfectly content just to be "blog" friends.
Think of the advantages, getting out of my clean clothes for my family.......well, you kind of get the picture huh?

The school system here takes in on August 18th this year. WOW!!! Can you sing, it's the most wonderful time of the year!!!! LOL!!!!! My kids just hate it when I start singing that.

DH thinks it's hilarious payback for all the arguing that they do.

My middle child can push my buttons like nobody's bidness. I wish that I could understand why that is. I have been trying to stop using words that I can't say at church and today was a better day than most. But I just catch myself yakkkkkkk yakkkkkk yakkkkkk about stuff that really shouldn't matter. It's only a new home, why should I get upset that he was leaning back in a chair (after being told eight hundred times not to) and busted a hole in the living room wall??
It's only a wall after all.

And what is it with them peeing all over everything? The hole is almost a foot and a half, surely these people that win gigantic prizes at the fair for shooting a water stream into a hole in a clowns mouth from 15 ft could hit the toilet bowl........Sheesh.

What, okay, sorry. I have now reached my happy place....No more ranting tonight.


Melissa said...

laughing right now. I love you, girl. Thanks for your encouragement and your very good idea for my blog. I just need to be a moderate blogger. For me, moderation is something I struggle with. I overindulge in every area of my flesh. I can just picture your middle child right now(it helps that I know what he looks like:). He is going to do mighty things for Jesus! Just continue to encourage and pray for him. He's going to be alright!

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

Yeah, laughing too! Although it was me who spilled a whole chocolaty-coffee goodness onto our new carpet this AM - NOT one of the kids (probably a good thing, really). But a HOLE in the wall! Wow!

And my 'middle child' announced yesterday that he peed on the cotton ball sitting on the back of the toilet bowl rim yesterday. Don't ask me why there was a cotton ball perched on the back of the seat (I have no idea). But, no surprise when my husband came out and said the bathroom smells like, well, like pee, of course. (There's only so much absorbancy in a cotton ball when you consider the size of a 4 year-old bladder in the morning!)

And our first day is the 13th! Can we say:
air. condition. those. buses!
WOW - H.O.T.

Thanks for stopping by!

Adelaine said...

School starts August 18th here too - woohoo!!!

My two oldest def know how to push my buttons and each others buttons. The oldest in particular likes to flip the glider rocker footstool up on its end - drives us nuts!!! And she has been told over, and over, and over, and over......not to do it!!! Grrr.