Monday, September 21, 2009

One of God's beautiful places......

Okay, my family loves to camp out. We love to go to different State parks and find out what they have to offer. And we have been to some really great ones, and we have been to some not so great ones.

This past weekend we went to a place near Dunellon Florida called "Rainbow Springs". I highly recommend this trip. You can camp. The campground facilities are nice and clean. You can go swimming at the head springs for free (if you are a camper). You can tube down the river, for a fee. Or you can go to the river near the campground and tube for free. Or you can kayak or canoe, or swim in the pool at the campground. This area is so beautiful. I highly recommend it. I am trying to upload a picture of the swimming area at the head springs. We all enjoyed it, except the fact that it was all over our heads, there was no where to stand up at except the steps. But still, a beautiful place.
What are some of your favorite places?


Cherie said...

This looks like a wonderful place. I wish we didn't live on the other side of the country! Look how clear and beautiful the water is.
We are big campers and many of our very favorite places are on the Oregon Coast - It is amazing there.

Southern Rose said...

Wow - the water is beautiful! We will have to get over there some time.